The Most Common DIY Pest Control Myths

When you think you have pests in your property then the most sensible thing to do is to call the professionals. A reputable pest control company will assess the problem, work out what pests are giving you an issue, and then eradicate them quickly and efficiently. They are even likely to give a guarantee that can help you relax in your home again.

However, many people decide that it is better to try and resolve the issue themselves. While it is possible to adopt a DIY approach, you need to know the most common DIY pest control myths to ensure you don’t make these mistakes.

Cheese & Mice

You may think that cheese is the best food for attracting mice. After all, it’s been depicted this way for many years. However, the truth is that mice love food with a high sugar content. That means foods like peanut butter, sugar cubes, and even grapes are a better option.

Have A Cat To Keep The Mice Away

It’s another common depiction, especially in cartoons, cats. In fact, they do. However, they only do this when they feel playful. The truth is you feed them well, they don’t need to catch mice and, having cats means you have additional food waste.

Most people leave food down for their cats. It’s nice for the cats and attractive to many other pests. As there is no guarantee your cat will feel like playing with a mouse, there is no guarantee they will eradicate their presence.

Bed Bugs Only Go To Dirty Beds

This is simply not true. Bed bugs are attracted to human blood and will hide anywhere they can in order to get the blood. Interestingly, this often means they are more attracted to clean beds as they have an easier time getting to you and your blood.

In addition, dirty beds will make it harder for you to spot bedbugs, meaning you’ll have the infestation for longer.

Ultrasonic Sounds Deter Pests

This is partially true as the sound can be disturbing for many types of pests. However, they quickly evolve and become accustomed to the sound. That results in it having no effect and you becoming frustrated.

Pests Are Always Visible

Many people assume that if they don’t see any pests they don’t have an issue. However, the truth is that when you see pests the problem is generally very serious.

Up until that point, the pests are likely to be there but they are very good at avoiding humans. In short, the only way to be sure you don’t have pests is to have a regular pest inspection.

Boiling Water Kills Ants

It’s true that pouring boiling water on an ant will kill them. In fact, this is true for most pests. But, it is unlikely to eradicate the issue, even if you pour the boiling water into the soil.

The truth is ants’ nests tend to be deep and the water cools rapidly when it hits the soil. Your boiling water is unlikely to kill the queen at the bottom of the nest. All you are doing is killing workers that can be replaced.

The bottom line is that you are better off getting a professional pest control expert to inspect your home regularly. They have effective solutions if you need them.