Common Baking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Just like cooking, the significance of baking had evolved over the years. Various styles and recipes are used by chefs and bakers, which are sure to satisfy the consumers’ taste buds. For some people, baking is considered as a form of art, mainly because of its complexity. Different baked goods come in unique appearance, taste, cost, and nutrition; that is why bakers exert time and effort just to make the perfect baked product. 

However, baking is not as simple as it seems. Just like cooking, it requires expertise and practice to produce quality pastries. A baker must follow various guidelines and steps to make sure the taste and design have excellent quality. Especially if you just started baking recently and still learning the fundamentals, there are various practices that you need to do in order for you to avoid some of the common mistakes in baking. In this article, let us look into a list of common baking mistakes and how to avoid them. 

Improper measurements

When baking, the first thing you need to make sure is that you have accurate measurements. Having inaccurate measurements could ruin your end product. Just a slight error in the measurements of the ingredients could make a significant change in your baked goods’ flavor and texture. That is why when baking, the first thing you would need to make sure of is to have proper measurements. Use the right measuring tools to get the exact amount of ingredients you need. Don’t rely on guesses when it comes to putting your ingredients all together, as it could lead to unsatisfactory results.

Keeps on opening the oven door

Another common mistake when it comes to baking is repeatedly opening the oven door. Baking is fun, and sometimes you get excited about seeing the end result. That is why you constantly open the oven door to see how your baked goods look. This habit might not be much of a big deal, but continually opening your oven door could lead to uneven cooking. Along with the repeatedly opening of your oven door, the temperature also drops. Because of this, the oven would need to take more time to heat up again, which could result in a lousy texture, cracked surface, and so on. The best thing you need to do to avoid opening the oven door is set the alarm. Make sure not to open the oven door until you hear the alarm to prevent uneven cooking. 

Accidentally changing the recipe

Next on the list is a no-brainer. When it comes to baking, you should always know how to follow the recipe. The exact amount of ingredients is included in the recipe for a reason. You should not add or remove any of the ingredients to make sure your end product has excellent quality. As mentioned earlier, even a small change in the ingredient of your baked goods could ruin the flavor and texture; that’s why it is always important to follow the recipe to avoid such mistakes.

Not being precise with the oven’s temperature

Similar to constantly opening the oven door, you could also have uneven cooking when the oven’s temperature is not precise. Another thing you need to check is the temperature of your oven. Without a clear understanding of how your oven works, your baked goods could end up with a lousy texture or even burnt. Sometimes, the oven appears normal, but little do we know that there is a thermometer problem, which could lead to inaccurate temperatures. Having the right temperature is vital in baking; having improper temperatures could lead to poor results. That is why it is always best to use an oven thermometer to have a more accurate reading of your oven’s temperature.

Using the wrong baking tools

Lastly, you should always need to make sure you use the right tools for baking. Whether it is for measuring or combining the ingredients, always make sure to use the proper tools. For example, if you use the wrong measuring cup, you might have inaccurate measurements since there are specific measuring tools both for dry and liquid ingredients. The same thing goes with kitchen scales, which could lead to improper measurements if not used correctly. To avoid this, always be mindful of the baking tools you use, and use the right equipment needed to avoid inaccuracy. 

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