Top Kitchen Design Trends Gold Coast 2021

Like in just about every part of the world, Kitchen Renovations Gold Coast is a trend that changes more often than most homeowners realize. While the design of Gold Coast kitchens is changing, that does not necessarily mean that your three-year-old kitchen has to be redone. In fact, all it might need are a few innovative changes to bring it up to date.

If you are curious about what the trends in 2021 look like then, we’ve put together some of the best ones. In a nutshell, though kitchen design is shifting away from your standard neutral space or white most commonly to brighter, bolder colors, a trend we suspect is being borrowed from the Europeans. You may also find these smart and creative kitchen storage ideas helpful in setting up a perfect kitchen that suits your needs and lifestyle. 

The Kitchen is Going Dark

Most Kitchen Renovations Gold Coast in the past decade meant that kitchens were white and bright spaces. Many homeowners made the shift from natural wood and dark granite to choose white over everything else. However, this year white is taking a backseat, at least for the time being.

So, after seeing bright white kitchens for years with light-colored countertops, now these are going dark. Black marble, midnight greens, and earthy walnut are now poised to take over Gold Coast kitchens.

The Dutch Door

Many homeowners have over the past year chosen to stay at home, and that’s one of the reasons they have chosen to make it a little more functional. That’s why the Dutch Door has made a return to many Gold Coast Kitchens. Adding a Dutch door can help brighten and slightly overhaul the image of an aging kitchen. If anything, it means that there is no reason to get rid of all those charming vintage features.

Realign the Backsplash

Kitchens on the Gold Coast are choosing brown backsplashes with a look that’s very different from the subway tile look we’ve all grown used to for over a decade. This time around, the color of choice is brown, and backsplashes are slightly more vertical. The new design gives kitchens a sleek, modern look which can also be applied to tiles.

Open Shelving in 2021

If you are spending on Kitchen Renovations Gold Coast in 2021, you have to experiment with open shelving. It isn’t a new concept, but it is becoming increasingly popular this year.

We’ve seen many people choose to declutter their homes and, in particular, their kitchens. Those afraid of tossing things they didn’t need into storage have found new courage this year, and that’s where open shelving comes in. Open shelves marry beauty with function, the perfect combo for a modern kitchen. If anything, it is also a great way to force yourself to get rid of clutter since it ruins the look of your kitchen.

Upgrade Your Kitchen with Gold Coast Design Trends in Southern California

If you appreciate the latest Gold Coast design trends and reside in Southern California, consider incorporating some of these trends into your kitchen renovation plans. By doing so, you can give your home a modern appearance and add value to your property.

One effective way to transform your kitchen is by upgrading your flooring. A reputable flooring contractor in Santa Clarita can provide you with a range of flooring installation services, including hardwood floor refinishing, to enhance the look and durability of your floors. Consider bathroom and kitchen remodeling services to achieve a complete home makeover. Moreover, installing suitable window treatments can improve the style and functionality of your kitchen.

Incorporating these Gold Coast design trends into your kitchen can help create a space that reflects your style and enhances your home’s value.


If you are planning to give your kitchen a brand new, bold look this year, then swap out your old hardware. Choose dramatic hardware like ones with black knobs which will blend into the dark modern cabinetry. Also, your choice of the proper lighting can help highlight the best features of your modern kitchen.