Kitchen Renovation Tips

Renovating your kitchen is an exciting but nerve-wracking task to embark on. It might get harder, especially if you do not have enough money to hire a designer that can make your kitchen beautiful and functional. That is why if you are planning to remodel your kitchen and you do not know where to start and what to do, do not fear because we are here to help. In this article, we are going to give you some tips and ideas on how to make kitchen remodeling more successful, functional, and less expensive.


  • Get rid of wasted steps – 

    Thing about how you use your kitchen items and where you use them. Make your kitchen more functional by storing bowls and breakfast foods near the breakfast table or keep plastic containers and wraps in a handy sport where you continuously wrap leftovers. You can also put flatware and dishes near your dishwasher so you can quickly unload and store them after washing.

  • Know your kitchen traffic –

    If you have kids, it is best to place your cooktop in a place where your children cannot reach it. This way, they cannot reach handles and avoid spills running through. Not only that, but you can also place your refrigerator in a location where it can be easily accessed by people passing by and people cooking or cleaning.

  • Carefully plan your kitchen doors –

    Do not waste any space in your kitchen. Design a space for your cabinet and appliance door’s swing direction and clearance. Make sure that you don’t put your appliances in corners, and the doors of your cabinets won’t bump into each other even if you open them at the same time.

  • Know the function of your kitchen island –

    Before you renovate or put a kitchen island, you have to determine if you want to eat or cook on it. If you plan to cook on your kitchen island, make sure that you make it with durable and non-flammable materials. If you want to eat and cook on your kitchen island, make sure that you have enough space to fit the cooktop and dining area.

  • Arrange your range –

    Make cooking more accessible by placing a shelf behind or beside your range. This is where you can put your spices, cooking oils, and utensils in handy. You can also place S-hooks on the side of your range hood so that you can use them to hang frequently used pans and pots.

  • Store your knives properly – 

    Knives can be handy in the kitchen, but they can also be dangerous, especially around children. That is why to keep your kitchen knives convenient and safe, make sure that you have a designated spot for them. You can make a knife drawer that has slots that holds your knives in place.

  • Have a place for recyclable things –

    Make your kitchen cabinets more functional and be more environmentally friendly by equipping your cabinet with separate plastic, glass, and metal containers.

  • Have a kid-friendly kitchen – 

    If you’re tired of your child constantly asking for your help whenever they want some snacks, you can put their favorite snacks in drawers or shelves they can easily access.

  • Electrical outlets are important – 

    When you’re remodeling your kitchen, do not forget to install multiple outlets, especially on the island and along with the kitchen’s backsplash. This way, you will have access to electricity wherever you need it. You would not have to move around kitchen other kitchen things just to get access to an electrical outlet.

  • Make cleaning easier –

    We get you; cleaning your kitchen can be a dreadful task, that is why if you’re remodeling your kitchen, make sure that you design it to be cleaned easily. You can opt for glass refrigerator shelves to catch spills that wire shelves let through. Choose materials with a matte finish because they do not show as much dirt as glossy ones do, and you can under mount or flush-set your sinks so you would not have any crumb-catching rim to worry about.

  • Go for light colors –

    This is the best tip, especially if you have a small kitchen because dark color schemes can make a small space look less inviting. That is why we suggest that you paint your kitchen with soft shades and make sure that natural light passes through to expand your small kitchen visually.