Espresso Machine Coffee Making Tips

There is nothing that a piping hot cup of Espresso can’t cure! Be it a migraine, headache, a hectic day at the office, or a tiring house routine; a hot shot of Espresso and you’re all better.

One of the easiest methods of preparing an Espresso is through an Espresso Machine. You can keep one at home and if you own a cafe then serve your customers with the best coffee.

As easy as operating an Espresso Machine sounds; it’s not technically a stroll in the park.

There are some tricks and tips which we suggest you follow while using an Espresso Machine to make coffee. You might be surprised to know that if the machine is not taken care of, you’ll end up with stale coffee.

So folks, read ahead if you would like to learn some Espresso Machine coffee-making tips.

Tricks and Tips to Make the Best Coffee from Espresso Machine

Always Preheat the Machine

One of the most common mistakes which individuals make is that they don’t preheat the Espresso Machine before using it.

Have you noticed that at times you might not be getting enough crème in your Espresso? This is usually because the coffee wasn’t brewed at the correct temperature.

Think of preheating the Espresso Machine as a must-do step so that the water in the regulator can be boiled. The whole process of the machine getting heated up would be around 25-30 minutes.

Clean the Portafilter Regularly

Before setting the actual dosage and putting in your coffee beans, make a habit of cleaning the Portafilter.

Old coffee grounds can get stuck on the base which can make your coffee taste bitter. Hence, to ensure the same consistent richness in your coffee; wipe those filters clean.

Use Fresh Coffee Beans

Espresso machines don’t come cheap! After you have spent hundreds of dollars, why not spend a few more and buy some decent coffee beans. There are various coffee brands available in the market. Those who are cheap compromise on the quality which they provide. Thus, start buying coffee beans from a reputed brand; even if it means spending a few extra bucks. The delicious aroma of the coffee would definitely be worth it!

Furthermore, avoid using coffee beans that are more than 15 days old. There is nothing better than the taste of fresh coffee beans! Generally, roasted coffee beans remain crisp from 4-14 days, and that too if stored properly.

They should be kept in an air-tight jar as moisture can ruin the taste of coffee beans.

Which Water are you using For Coffee?

Yes, there are terms known as hard water and soft water. In simple words, hard water contains a high mineral content which is not ideal to be used in the espresso machine to make coffee.

Hard water can affect the flavor of the coffee and mutes the actual aroma that one tastes from the coffee beans. Needless to say, the hard water content can also lead to lime scale building up in these Espresso Machines which later on needs to be cleaned up.

If you’re using tap water and living in an area that gets hard water; we suggest you use bottled water instead.

Another technique is installing a small softener filter plant onto the tap. This would cost somewhere between $50-$200, depending on the size and brand of the filter that you have chosen.

Steer Clear from Low Fat Milk

If you own a cafe or restaurant, regardless of the fact if the customer demands low-fat and sugar coffee; they are still expecting a silky smooth hot drink.

Low-fat milk won’t provide them with that frosty consistency thus do not use low-fat milk. Instead, resort to Oatly. It’s low fat but nonetheless, it would taste delicious and customers would be coming back to your cafe demanding more.

Measure Away

While baking any item; cake or bread, even if a single measurement goes wrong, the whole dish is ruined. Similarly, while preparing coffee in an Espresso machine, if you do not measure coffee grounds, you will end up with a very unfavorable coffee taste.

The best part about Espresso Machines is that you can preset your coffee dose so technically it’s only a one-time effort. Due to preset grinders, all you have to do is press a button and you would have the dosage of coffee beans that you have already set.

There is no harm in being extra careful! All over the world, even professional baristas use a scale to measure their coffee beans. The whole process only takes a few seconds and you’ll be 100% sure that the extraction is correct.

How often are you cleaning the Espresso Machine?

As already mentioned above, lime scale can accumulate on the surface of the machine due to hard water. Moreover, coffee can rot, get stuck and bacteria can accumulate if not scrubbed. The last thing you want is a bitter cup of coffee and not cleaning the machine often; get ready for an awful coffee taste!

Furthermore, Espresso machines are meant to last for many years to come. Not tending to it and we’re afraid it would expire earlier and you’ll be forced to get a new one.

Hence, clean that Espresso machine of yours to get an amazing cup of coffee every time you’re craving one.

Espresso Machine Coffee Making Tips of the Day

If we talk about the helpful hacks on preparing the most delicious cup of coffee in an Espresso Machine; then the list would be never-ending.

Nevertheless, follow the above handy tips and tricks and reward yourself with some coffee!