How to Give a Minimalist Look to Your Kitchen

Minimalism has been present in the lives of people for a long time now. However, it has only been a while since it became popular and a growing trend among people.

You can define minimalism in the simplest form- LESS IS MORE. Minimalism is not merely all about getting rid of most of your things at home. It is about simplifying to make your life comfortable and uncomplicated. You can achieve minimalism by assessing the things you have and deciding if necessary for your everyday life. After evaluating, you can throw away stuff that you do not need, use, or love.

Applying minimalism is ideal in one’s kitchen. It is a perfect design for a kitchen because it would help the owners do all the kitchen stuff easier. A clean, well-organized, and functional kitchen is what most people are dreaming of. Having less clutter in your kitchen will help you create incredible and delectable meals faster and easier.

Here are some tips that would probably help you achieve the minimalist look that you want for your kitchen.

Start decluttering your kitchen stuff. When you say declutter your kitchen, that does not only mean the plastics, bills, the magazines in your kitchen. Look at your kitchen tools and equipment. Get rid of the small appliances and the extra utensils that you do not need and do not use frequently. You can get rid of the decorative utensils and fruit bowls that have no use by giving them to your family and friends. You can also get rid of them by donating them to other people. Appliances and utensils that you can get rid of:

  • Microwave- you can be fine without this kitchen appliance. You can utilize your stovetop and oven to do what your microwave usually does.
  • Bread maker- this thing is not often used in most households. You can always make bread by hand, and if you are too lazy enough, you can always buy in grocery stores.
  • Panini press- you can make your sandwiches in the pan.
  • Additional mugs- you can leave some for your friends or family visiting, but put away decorative ones that are not relevant in your kitchen.
  • Extra knives- you do not need many knives in your kitchen unless you take up culinary arts. Invest in good quality knives that you mostly use.

You can achieve a minimalist kitchen by having many empty spaces and extra storage. So putting away things that you do not use regularly can be a great solution to have extra space and storage.

Store your kitchen items properly. 

After you declutter and make some storage and extra space for your kitchen items, it is time to think of ways to store them. Be creative and, at the same time, be practical in arranging your kitchen tools, equipment, and utensils.

You can use spice racks to store all your condiments and spices. Glass canisters are also very pleasing to see in one’s kitchen. Assign drawers for your silverware and kitchenware. Keep your large and not frequently used appliances inside the cabinets.

White and silver-themed kitchen, three silver counter stools, four turned-on hanging lights in the counter

Change your faucet into a simple-looking one. 

Applying minimalism to your kitchen means that everything inside must be sleek and basic. You can show minimalism starting with the sink. Your faucet must look elegant and with a chrome finish. Change your faucet into something simple that would give out a touch of modernness into your kitchen.

Keep your counters clean and tidy. 

It is a natural thing for people to put daily-use items on the countertop. Even though it is convenient, this will most likely create more clutter in your kitchen. Aside from that, they also take up more space on your countertop.

Look for an accessible spot for your toasters, spice racks, and any other items that you use daily. You can keep them in places like a cupboard instead of putting them on your counters after using them. Remind yourself to keep your counters clear and empty for a minimalist-looking kitchen.

Trim down the amount of your cookware. 

You do not need to double the number of your pans, pots, and your chopping boards. Instead of buying cookware in different types and sizes, which you do not use frequently, buy one that could be multifunctional. You do not need a dozen of pots in your kitchen for cooking. Invest in one high-quality item for each of your cookware, and everything will be alright.

Choose colors that match together. 

The key to a minimalist-looking kitchen is a coordinating color scheme. Use three to four colors that blend well with each other. If possible, use neutral tones for your kitchen design. It makes your kitchen look simpler and refreshing to one’s eyes. According to interior designers, when you use colors with minimal contrast that belong to the same family, your area will look bigger and more spacious.