Floral Rugs – A Brief History and How to Decorate Your Home With Them

The saying goes that home is where the heart is.

This means several things to several people.

For some, it means they look to their home to be the peaceful and uplifting place to go to at the end of every day and after long trips away.

One great way to make a home well put together and lift the atmosphere of it is with Summerton collection rugs.

These vibrant floral rugs bring a splash of color and happiness into any room they are in.

Floral rugs have been used for centuries to bring nature into the home and create a home with stunning beauty, elegance, and charm.

Read on to learn a brief history of floral rugs, how to make a floral rug fit into your decor, and how to find the perfect Dynamic area rugs for your home.

Floral rugs in history

Floral rugs have been around since the 16th century and the dawn of rug making.

Persians would weave intricate floral patterns into their rugs, which were used by nobility and royalty to bring a bit of nature into the home.

The rugs were typically made of fine materials like silk and wool.

These rugs were later brought to India during the 17th century.

Floral patterned rugs soon became a cultural symbol that brought elegance and reminders of the beauty of an exquisite garden, glorious smells, and abundant nature.

Modern floral rugs are still known for their elegance, and the charm they bring to a home — imbuing nature and playfulness, serenity and elegance.

Fitting a floral rug into your decor

When using a floral rug to decorate your home, you will want to follow a few tips and tricks.

First, you need to figure out what decorating style you want in your home.

A traditional style would include using a floral rug that has intricate scrolling designs in neutral colors like beige, navy, burgundy, or dark green.

Contemporary, modern, or minimalist decor would include a floral rug with bright colors and big flowers.

You can also use an eye-catching, bold, abstract floral rug with splashes of color if you have a more eclectic style with a Scandinavian, mid-century modern, or Bohemian feel or simply want to make a big statement.

After determining your decorating style, you need to think about what furniture you will have in the room.

You want to be careful when choosing furniture to go with your rug, or vice versa, so that they do not clash or cancel each other out.

Finding the perfect rug

When looking for a floral rug like those found in the Summerton collection rugs, there are many things to consider.

Determine the size of the room and how big of a rug you will need or want.

Keep in mind the style of decor and furniture you will have in the room.

After getting your list of sizes, styles, and budget together, search the internet or ask family, friends, and neighbors where they get their floral Dynamic area rugs.

If you are shopping at a store for your rug, make sure to bring pictures of the existing decor and colors, so you can match everything up to your style.

Regardless of what floral rug you buy for your home, you will have a rug steeped in history, elegance, and a sense of nature that will bring a splash of color to the room.

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