INSPIRATIONAL BALLET: One Arm, One Leg, Two Hearts!

March 22nd, 2017

she believed she could so she did

I was moved by this video. I can only imagine the little girl, or the little boy each missing a limb saying I want to dance.  I want to surpass my limitations and dance so beautifully that people will one day come to see me and be moved.

Can you imagine investing your heart and soul into thousands of hours of practice, knowing no other one-armed Ballerinas or one-legged Danseurs?  Would you dare believe that you could create such a moment of beauty with such an imperfect vessel?

Someone, somewhere did! Children who believed in a dream and spent thousands of hours practicing. Parents who believed in their children and supported their dream.

What would you attempt if you knew failure wasnt an option?

I am in awe of such courage, belief, faith, beauty.  Enjoy. Dream. Do.

What are some of your dreams that youve been afraid to speak out loud?

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Heres to Peace, Love, and Faith-Filled Dreams!

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