AGAVE BANNED Unsafe for Diabetics, Metabolic Syndrome, Insulin Resistant and Pre-Diabetes

March 31st, 2017

I am so sad to report this, but report it I must The Glycemic Research Institute® announced that they have legally “De-Listed” and placed a ban on Agave for use in Foods, Beverages, Chocolate, and any other products, due to results of 5 years of Human In Vivo Clinical Trials on Agave. Manufacturers who produce […]

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Dear Sugar, Its Over!

September 9th, 2016

I know you’ve been a part of all the very best times in my life – from vacations to celebrations – and I’ve loved you for that. You’ve also been there during the worst of times – from funerals to break-ups – and I’ve loved you for that too! And then youve been there for every ho-hum, doldrum, boring moment and Ive loved you for that! No doubt about it, you’ve been my “go to” guy.

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