October 11th, 2016

Here are some videos by Dr. Michael Klaper that I think you'll find enlightening.  Remember, this journey is about progress, not perfection.  The videos share important information about how our bodies work and how proper nutrition is the most important element of living a healthy lifestyle.

Be prepared.  There isn't anything gory or gruesome about these videos €” but you will see clogged arteries and more ravages of the fat-a-tarian lifestyle that you've probably been living.  Buck up little buck-a-roo €” it's time to face the truth about what you've been doing to yourself.  When you know better €” you can do better!

If you're not ready to become a vegetarian €” don't be “skerrrred€.  It's okay.  You don't ever have to!  Watch the videos anyway €” it will help you €” I PROMISE!


See I told you theyd be interesting!  What you do with the information is completely up to you.  Dr. McDougall and Dr. Klaper would be thrilled if you immediately adopted a plant based lifestyle BUT this is YOUR journey.  If thats what you want to do, bravo!  If not, why not look around A Healthy Kitchen and choose one or two vegetarian dishes that youd like to add to your meal plan this week.  Im not a vegetarian. You dont have to be a vegetarian.  Life is about choices, and as long as were making healthier choices today than we did yesterday, were walking in the right direction.

By the way, I know some vegetarian recipes can be rather earthy tasting ;) , but I promise, the vegetarian recipes Ive included on A Healthy Kitchen are yummo!  They just happen to  be vegetarian.

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Hello! What an interesting post! I saw your comment on SITS welcome! You are not dense, they changed the way we comment on the FB (featured blogger) last week. Click on her Blog Name and it will take you too her, there you can click around and comment where youd like. There are no longer 3 exact posts listed on the SITS site, just the main link.

Hope this helps!
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BIG HELP! Thanks Mama and Ill be right over to check out YOUR blog!


Thanks for the videos. my husband has been trying to lose weight but could not find the motivation before now.
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The official web site for Dr. Michael Klaper is located at