My FTC Disclosure

Privacy Policy and FCC Disclosure for A Healthy Kitchen

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by Lesli Johnson. For questions about this blog, please contact me by using the contact button shown on every page.

The purpose of A Healthy Kitchen is to share inspiration and weight loss tips as Im in the process of losing all my excess weight and getting lean and strong. ??It does take time to create all this content, so I do accept paid advertising, sponsorships, affiliate programs and other forms of compensation.

I will never write a review or take money for an ad from a company that I do not??sincerely??like.?? If I do accept compensation, it is because, and only because, I would have written about them anyway (shhh???don???t tell my sponsors that!).?? :)

Oh, and if someone sends me something to review and I don???t like it, instead of writing a bad review, I send the product back and don???t post it at all.

I accept private advertising from companies I am happy to endorse; you can see their images in the sidebar, and I include a complementary mention within a post once per month per advertiser, but that will also be individually disclosed.

If you click on an ad or text link and buy something, I get a little kickback.?? Unless I???ve reviewed the product and mentioned that they provided the product to me, none of these companies pays me in any other way.

I also participate in affiliate program.?? If you click on an Amazon link or photo at my site, I get a (small) commission, as long as you complete your purchase within 24 hours.?? They???re strict at Amazon!

Special giveaways: ??As of the date of this writing, I havent been provided with any items to be reviewed or given away, however, its common for blogs to have opportunities to do both. ??If and when that time comes, I will likely be provided with free or discounted items to review, and those items will be used for my own personal use or as giveaways to my subscribers.

If and when I run a giveaway, I will most likely have received a free product to review, and the company has sponsored a free product to give to one of my readers.?? The review is my own opinion, and although the company in question may certainly read my text (and I encourage them to), they don???t edit or approve it in any way.?? They also don???t compensate me for reviewing the product beyond providing me with a sample. Giveaways and reviews are kept separate for a very good reason: I do accept paid giveaways, as giveaways take a great deal of time to administrate and are a fabulous form of advertising. The bottom line? Reviews are free, between me and my readers. Giveaways are paid advertising, most of the time.

I belong to a few different affiliate networks..?? There are some picture ads in the sidebar and some random text links within posts that take you to their advertisers.?? I get a small fee when you either click an ad or purchase a product.?? Thanks for doing either of those, by the way!

A few companies pay me a fee to keep their text link in my sidebar.?? I have no other affiliation with the companies.

Any sponsored posts will be marked as such, but again, I won???t write a post simply for money that I wouldn???t have written without compensation.?? It just makes that task a little sweeter!

I may do some sponsored tweets as well, but they will always include the words ???brought to you by??? ???sponsored??? or ???ad???.

Some of my integrated campaigns for companies may include a certain number of tweets or Facebook updates about the company, but I will always strive to make those interesting, authentic content for my readers at the same time.

Okay, thats about it. I hope the FTC is happy with my disclosure.

Peace, Love, and Fully Disclosed Blogging,

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