Today Is Your Day -- Weight Loss Inspiration

Im so tired of being fat and trust me, Ive tried all the programs (and even some of my own ideas) with some success only to rebound into being even fatter than I was to begin with.  Ive lost 150 pounds TWICE and now Im on the journey to do it for the final time!  That being said, you might wonder why you should even think about becoming my friend and Losing It With Friends in A Healthy Kitchen.  

Well, its because I HAVE done it all and you probably have too.  If youre as tired as I am of being fat come join me on a healthy weight loss journey where were living in the real world with holidays and birthdays and days where we just struggle to treat ourselves with love!

My intention is to share the truth of what it takes to go from fat to fit not just some glossed over look how great Im doing version of it

Scary, right? Yep, for me too!


friends of a healthy kitchen come in all shapes and sizes

My vision for Losing It With Friends in A Healthy Kitchen is a place of friendship and community where like minded, health loving, friends who have struggled with their weight too long like I have can stop by for some daily encouragement, served up with healthy recipes, sprinkled with love and life.

Lets support one another and make this the last time we ever have to start another diet.

  • Lets create a safe place where we can tell our truths no matter what they look like without judgement. 
  • A place where its OK to be broken just as long as we dont stay broken. 
  • A place where we can laugh at ourselves and cry with each other but most of all
  • A place where we can lift each other up and cheer each other on.


If this sounds good to you, read my crazy, roller-coaster, weight loss story and then tell me more about you in the comments.

What about you?  Wanna join me on this journey? Cmon, lets be friends it begins with telling me a little bit about you simply leave a comment below to get the conversation started!