Perfectly Cooked Brown Rice without a Rice Cooker

December 15th, 2016

Perfectly Cooked Organic Harvest Medley Rice

Perfectly Cooked Rice

I love rice, but Ive never liked brown rice, wild rice, or any other healthy rice.  Im a texture person and Ive never liked the firmness or texture of it plus Ive always had difficulty cooking it to perfection but, I still want to follow a healthy diet plan, so I was determined to figure it out!

Well my troubles are over now there is a quick and easy way to cook all the healthier types of rice I knew I wanted to like, but didnt and achieve perfect rice in the process.  I can now enjoy all the benefits of healthy rice, maintain my healthy diet plan without the suffering and stress of attempting to make it perfect Life is good.

Heres the secret cook it just like you would pasta you dont need precise measurements, you dont have to worry about it being too dry or too wet you dont have to worry about anything at all.

Now my favorite rice is   Organic Harvest Medley Rice Blend
as seen to the left, (sometimes you can find it at Costco, but I havent been able to find it there for quite a while).

Harvest Medley is a blend of :  Organic Cal/Mati Brown Rice, Organic Wild Rice, Organic Sweet Brown Rice, Organic Heirloom Red Rice and its not only nutritious, but its ohhhh soooo delicious!

Tip:  Serve it for breakfast with a nut/ground flax seed, banana  with milk (whatever your fave is:  coconut, almond, 2%, fat free).  This is so much better than a bowl of cereal, and you stay full longer.

Some of you may be concerned that if you boil the rice like pasta, you will be boiling out (or losing) all the nutrients  NO WORRIES the nutrients are stored in the inner hull of rice (its still very healthy for you). I love this rice soooooooo much that I always boil extra, just so I can have some handy in my fridge for quick healthy meals.


  • Rinse rice
  • Fill a pot with COLD WATER  (tip:  never use HOT tap water to cook or drink.  Hot tap water is much more likely to leach the heavy metal from your plumbing pipes, causing lead to go into your body, possibly causing serious damage to your brain, nervous system, kidney, red blood cells.)
  • Pour rice into water
  • Cover pot
  • Bring to a boil, lower heat to simmer
  • Cook 30 minutes
  • Drain (just like pasta)

Serve and enjoy.  Its that simple. Give it a try, I know youll be glad you did!

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