Substitution Solutions for Your Healthy Lifestyle

Cooking whole foods and eating clean doesnt have to be boring, but it probably
will require learning some new tips and techniques. Here are some of my favorite
food substitutions to make permanent weight loss easy & delicious!

How to Make Prune Puree

January 4th, 2017

Prune puree is a great replacement ingredient for fat in baked goods because it actually stabilizes the batter, much the same way fat does, but without adding fat to your diet.  And you know fat makes you fat! Heres the easy solution Combine 1-1/3 cups (8 oz.) pitted prunes and 6 T water in container […]

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COCONUT MILK | A Fat Free Substitution Solution

December 16th, 2016

This ones for all the curry lovers and lovers of other yummy recipes that call for coconut milk. As you know, when youre living la vida low fat, coconut milk is a no-no Coconut Oil, used in moderation is very good for you, but regular coconut milk is a fat filled treat your body is […]

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September 4th, 2016

I love fresh herbs and theres nothing better than wandering out to my kitchen garden to pick my own, but lets face it most of us dont have fresh herbs all year long, so  heres an easy to remember substitution solution. If you want to substitute dried herbs in a recipe that calls for fresh, […]

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June 6th, 2016

You didnt seriously think I could lose over 150 pounds without enjoying sweet treats did you? I hate to say it, but much of my fat was brought to you by Hostess and Hersheys!  Give up sweets?  No thank you.  Exchange the life-sucking, soul-destroying sweets for healthy alternatives that taste even better now were talking! […]

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