Yep! Im Setting Some Goals Sharing My Progress!

weight loss goals and progress

Oh, it could get all scary up in here! Its been such a long time since I believed I could actually achieve my weight loss goals that I just stopped making em! Can you relate? I hope so and I hope not all at the same time. Id like to think Im not alone in my rocket to fatsville and yet I dont want to think youve struggled nearly as much as I have.

You can read my whole torrid story here, if you like.

Any-who, Jim Rohn used to say what you dont count, doesnt count for much.
and Ive found that to be true in my life, so this is the place where Im going to finally set some goals and speak them out loud to YOU! And Im going to keep track of my progress and be honest with you about how Im doing. This isnt one of those candy-coated I never do anything wrong weight loss blogs this is real life baby! I feel really, really vulnerable, but Im going to try really hard to shoot you the straight truth and Ill hope youll do the same in return,
cuz thats the kind of friends we are, right?

And finally, this is also the place where Ill be sharing some of those some day dreams of what Ill do when Im fit and healthy and the things I dream of doing along the way too. I can do all things through Christ who strengths me. (Phillipians 4:13), so I think nows about the time to start believing in my dreams again, dont you!

And speaking of you how about you? Do you have some dreams you want to resurrect?

Lets get busy being sore, my friend, so we can begin living the life weve imagined! We deserve it! We were created for greatness in the image of the very God who created the entire universe and us!

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