Karens Progress Goals

winning the weight loss battle

Being fat is painful. Its not only emotionally painful, but in my case, its physically painful too! BIG TIME!

Ive been heavy and Ive been thin via gastric bypass surgery and now Im over 100 pounds overweight again. My story will be about weight loss, but it will be about so much more.

My body is breaking down. Ive spent the last 18 months in and out of the hospital sometimes for as long as two weeks at a time and the doctors still cant figure out whats wrong with me.

Oh and I died! Actually, I believe the hospital killed me but Im back because they also saved me. They gave me too many drugs to get my out of control blood pressure and nausea under control and their chemical combo killed me.  I had a cardiac arrest even though my heart is completely healthy and I died. It took three jolts of the paddles to bring me back to life. I now have a pacemaker and defibrillator and if it goes off, Im going to feel like a mule kicked me in the chest from the inside Uggh! I dont want it to go off!

I want to get healthy. My entire body is breaking down I believe its a result of the gastric bypass surgery. I have what I call a degenerative body. I have inflammation and arthritis in most of my joints. I have a bulging disk in my back. My knees and hips have become out of alignment. I hurt. A lot.

I want to get healthy and I will get healthy! I will do what the doctors cant do. I will heal my body through whole foods, exercise, and God not necessarily in that order, but you get the idea.

Check out the posts below and follow along on my journey and lets be friends, OK?