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Why yes I am, thank you for noticing! What? You didnt notice?

I hope its the athlete part you havent noticed YET and not the Christian part.

Actually, the above image is the attitude that I want to live my life with. Having said that, Im not there yet. Im absolutely a work in progress and I keep that image as the desktop image on my computer. Its important to me to keep weight issues and life issues in perspective!

I am a Christian scarred blistered hurt broken fallible forgiven set free being healed fully loved!

And I am an athlete in the making walking short distances carrying light weights out of breath bearing blisters and aches and pains


just stick with it - exercises for losing weightWe gotta do it, right? If we want to lose weight and even more importantly, feel well.

We want strong bodies and strong bodies dont come from sitting in our easy chairs. So the real trick for me wont be how in the heck can I walk around the block, the real trick will be getting myself willing to do it. Every day.

The real trick will be embracing the soreness that will inevitably come. The real trick wont be the starting it will be the staying.

This page is where youll find all my posts about exercising to lose weight. Its going to be as much about having a proper attitude for exercise embracing the losing game being proud of pushing myself beyond my comfort
zone and ultimately enjoying the success of losing weight.

No one ever said it was going to be easy easy got me exactly where I am
but Jesus said all things are possible. Im choosing to be a possibility

Gods grace is bigger than my past. He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of deep waters. ~ Psalm 18:16

weight loss is not a physical challenge it's a mental one

Lets Move It to Lose It!