Diet You Cant Live With It You Cant Live Without It!

Dont get hung up on the word its just a word. I know I know if youre like me, its been your nemesis as much as its been your great hope. No matter!


According to Websters Dictionary, “diet” means “habitual nourishment” so that pretty much describes exactly what you and I do on an every day basis be it healthy or deadly.

In the context of Losing It with Friends in A Healthy Kitchen, what the word diet or dieting really means to you and to me is were ready to stop living a half-life and start living our very own whole-life the way God intended it to be.

He put you here for a purpose and that purpose ISNT to feel weak and incapable in the world. That purpose ISNT to feel like a failure. That purpose ISNT to hate the very “self” that He loves so much that he literally DIED for you (and for me)! He created you and He loves you, just like he does me!

So whats it all about? Well, Im not going to talk about life and love and God on this page. Thats for another day and another page. This page is simply here as a beacon to all the other pages weve put together about dieting and food and losing all the things you see above (+ more) and