Have a Little Faith!

Have you ever felt like Im done! I mean really done not sorta done or getting close to done?

And I dont mean done, as in Yay! Ive reached my goal! I feel fit and healthy! done.

No not that kind of done!

I mean the kind of done that you feel when youve tried and tried and tried to lose your excess weight, to get fit and healthy, and still youre not happy with your weight.

Ive felt that kind of done more times than I can count. Sometimes I was so close to a goal weight, only to bounce back to even heavier than Id started out.

DONE! Ive felt it! Have you?

Well, thats what these posts are about. We need to have a little faith that WE CAN BE all that God created us to be.

Your body my body is a gift! We have amazing potential! We can make good choices! We can do the hard things that will get us to the life weve only imagined! We ARE BEAUTIFUL inside and out! We are of GREAT WORTH! And God has a plan for us!

Sometimes, all we need is a little faith!

Have A Little Faith

We CAN Do This!!